For the first time ever, n0n-members can buy clothing! :O

There is a free item at the Gift Shop: the Mining Helmet has come back.

Also, there are SIX purchasable items made available for all players at the Gift Shop.

Members have many more available at the Gift Shop.

(Basically, go to the Gift Shop! XD)

A Superhero pin is at the Mine Shack from June 14-28.



April Fools: On Now

Hehe, I would start out with an april fools joke, but I won’t.

Party’s here! The whole island’s decorated with silliness as usual. 

For most of you readers, I’m going to get straight to the point and tell you that there are FOUR free items! Two for non-members and two for members. Member items are #3 and #4.

  1. You can get the returning blue propeller cap from the Town or Plaza, maybe other rooms (i haven’t checked).
  2. For the other items, first step is going to the Snow Forts and entering the Box Dimension. Go to the box with the BARREL on it. Your goal is to reach the upper right. The barrels are portals, and they can get pretty confusing. However you can easily get there by just going into a barrel, then wherever you happen to come out, go back into the barrel you came out of. Keep doing that and you’ll get there in a few moves. It’s a Box Hat.
  3. Members item is in the Zany Dimension (center box).
  4. Members item #2 is in the Zany Dimension as well.

So I’ve decided to make more of an effort to keep things up to date but everything will be as short and sweet as possible. Since I do have a busy schedule, and I’m sure no one wants to spend time reading unnecessary things, I’ll make you guys a win-win situation where we can all make the best use of our time. Look for the bold words in future posts because they will be important.


Three years later

Wow, it’s been so long. I still play Club Penguin (currently 2,130 days old! :D). There are tons of other blogs out there now, and I’m not sure I can compete with all the traffic because my schedule has gotten a lot busier (that’s what happens as you get older :p). Though I will be making an effort to keep the blog somewhat up to date for you guys.

In CP news….

There’s a party going on, and you can get a free anvil hat (“Heavy Hat”) at the beach. You can also get a free background by clicking the trash in the water to clean it up.

The pin is a beach chair, currently inside the Night Club.

That’s all for now. I’ll get working on some pages!


Seeing the Future…?

Yes, I still play Club Penguin. Not that much, though. However, the recent updates have attracted my attention… I remember making this fake screenshot shown below. With Club Penguin’s decision of teal as the new penguin color, I wondered… hmm… Didn’t I make something like that? So I looked through the ancient pictures of my Funny Pictures page and found it. Wow! I thought. That’s cool. So I put this together, but didn’t post it because I was in a hurry when i made the picture. Now, with the release of the green propeller cap during the Festival of Flight, it looked familiar. I began to think… Did that screenshot really have a green propeller cap too?! So I checked and I was like, “Yay! Now I had better post this on the blog…”
PS: So maybe you think that having fun editing screenshots to make a penguin have nonexistent items isn’t “seeing the future.” But it is pretty cool. 😀


Blog Update 4-21-2009

Today I have been looking around and updating some pages. I haven’t yet added the new minigames for the CP Game Guide, nor updated the scores on the highscores page, but I have updated some rumors. Only because people were saying “ohh you can get into rockhoppers room now” and everything. Since I won’t be updating the blog much anymore, I password-protected the Funny Pictures page because I still feel unsafe about people coming to copy my pictures while I’m not on the site. Don’t bother me about anything else, I might do it later, but only on my own time. 😆

It would be logical not to post comments because if I’m not going to update pages do you think I have the patience and/or the time to go through a hundred comments a week? 😆


Bye everybody…

I am leaving this blog. It will no longer be regularly updated, sorry guys. I’m not sure, but Rcb67 could help with your needs, I guess. I have added some stuff to help getting places, like Back links on some pages, which doesn’t really help, but whatever. While I will check back sometimes, don’t count on it. When I have the time (and when I feel like it 😛 ), I will update it, but probably only once/twice a year maximum. So don’t bother posting comments, because they probably won’t be moderated and sit there in my moderation log for all eternity. 😆

This blog is now free for browsing only. Even though I doubt you would want to, considering all the out-dated stuff, like Rockhopper’s key and room rumor, the missions, and the old fixed glitches and such.

To Rcb67, if you even read this: You may take over this blog if you want, but my CP account is MINE 😛 .

PS: I DO still play. I also STILL have every single item, pin, and background there ever is and was since April 1, 2006, except for the red crayon pin (April 2007) and the old band background (around Fall 2006?).

Easter Egg Hunt!

Sorry about the delay, but I have been busy (I have the items from the St. Pat’s Day party, but I was in a rush so I couldn’t post it). Anyway, the annual Easter egg hunt is here! If you can’t find the eggs, see the spoiler below (the password is egghunt)