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Today the cove opened for non-members! It is on the map too. There is some construction going on and it looks like some sort of tiki hut. Well anyway here are some pics of the non-member cove! (Billybob said there would be a big hint to what was coming next in CP in the binoculars, it is the WAVES! I wonder what they will be like?) (PS: There will be surfboards and stuff once the hut is done. Look on the map and in the cove there is a little hut with surfboards!)


Through the binoculars ^


Non-members cove… I circled the binoculars and the construction. It’s too bad that the Life Rings left, but the Whistles are still here, in the forest.


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Hey, I know this has NOTHING to do with Club Penguin but if you’re here at all I guess you like penguins. Well I found a book about penguins on the Internet. You can order it at their site at The Very Official Home of Pengey Penguin. I haven’t read it, but I hope you like the book!!!


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I will be on vacation from May 31June 13. I will ask Rcb67 to get any free item in CP for me (if any) and to keep up to date with Club Penguin. Thanks! –Wheelwrights

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Nice Stats

Stats right now are excellent. As of today (May 28, 2007) we have more than 11,000 hits! A few calculations are below:

Total Hits: 11,088
Days Blog has been Active: 6 weeks, 2 days = 44 days (since April 13)
Avg. Hits per Day: 252
Best Day Ever: 634 hits
Predicted # of hits at the end of June: 18,250 – 19,000

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Here are some pictures from the members party (my friend lent me the member account [Clable]).

party1.png Picture of the cove and the free items (the Life Rings are in the Cove, Whistles are in the Forest; this is the same whistle given at the Beach party). Also I circled the binoculars.

binoculars.png If you look through the Binoculars and wait a little, you might see some penguins playing Ballistic Biscuit! Also a fish jumps out of the water occasionally.

PS: the Tour Booth is in the Ski Village now.

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The new pin is a starfish in the mine. Here is a picture:


Pin Information

Pin: Starfish.
Location: The mine, on the wall.
Date Released: May 25
Next Pin: Unknown, to be released June 8.

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Map Found!

To find the map to the forest, go to the Mountain. Wait a few seconds and a map should float down and get stuck on the signpost. Click it and it will fly down to the Ski Village. Go to the Ski Village. It will float down and get stuck in the ski lift thingy. Click it when it passes around. It will now fly off to the right towards to the Dock. Go to the Dock, and it will fly off towards the Town. Go to the Town, and it will get stuck on one of the light bulbs. Click it and it will float over towards the Snow Forts. Now go over to the Snow Forts and it will fly over and land in between the “legs” of the Clock. Now just follow the map and you will get to the forest.

Here is what it looks like:


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