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Even More Nice Stats

As of today (June 25,2007) we have EXCELLENT stats! Here are a few calculations:

Total views: 23,530
Days Blog Has Been Active: 10 weeks, 3 days = 73 days (since April 13)
Avg. Hits per day: About 322
Best Day Ever: 1,655 Hits on June 22
Predicted # of hits at the end of July: 34,500 – 36,000


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The new pin is a picnic basket hidden behind the chair in the Ski Lodge. Here is a picture:


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Water Balloons?

In the boiler room there is a crate of water balloons! I wonder what they are for?

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Rockhopper has arrived! He brought a free bandana, a monocle, an “alien antenna” and blue flippers! Also the sign on his door changed! Here is a picture:

rockhopper.png<-click to enlarge

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If you look through the Beacon telescope and wait a few seconds, you will see Yarr surfing in front of the boat! Here is a picture:


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If you go surfing while walking your red puffle, it surfs with you! Here is a picture:


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Summer Party Update!

There are two new items in the Summer Party! They are the Flower Headdress at the Beach, and the Green Sunglasses in the Night Club! Here is a picture:


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