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Bye everybody…

I am leaving this blog. It will no longer be regularly updated, sorry guys. I’m not sure, but Rcb67 could help with your needs, I guess. I have added some stuff to help getting places, like Back links on some pages, which doesn’t really help, but whatever. While I will check back sometimes, don’t count on it. When I have the time (and when I feel like it 😛 ), I will update it, but probably only once/twice a year maximum. So don’t bother posting comments, because they probably won’t be moderated and sit there in my moderation log for all eternity. 😆

This blog is now free for browsing only. Even though I doubt you would want to, considering all the out-dated stuff, like Rockhopper’s key and room rumor, the missions, and the old fixed glitches and such.

To Rcb67, if you even read this: You may take over this blog if you want, but my CP account is MINE 😛 .

PS: I DO still play. I also STILL have every single item, pin, and background there ever is and was since April 1, 2006, except for the red crayon pin (April 2007) and the old band background (around Fall 2006?).


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