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Yes, I still play Club Penguin. Not that much, though. However, the recent updates have attracted my attention… I remember making this fake screenshot shown below. With Club Penguin’s decision of teal as the new penguin color, I wondered… hmm… Didn’t I make something like that? So I looked through the ancient pictures of my Funny Pictures page and found it. Wow! I thought. That’s cool. So I put this together, but didn’t post it because I was in a hurry when i made the picture. Now, with the release of the green propeller cap during the Festival of Flight, it looked familiar. I began to think… Did that screenshot really have a green propeller cap too?! So I checked and I was like, “Yay! Now I had better post this on the blog…”
PS: So maybe you think that having fun editing screenshots to make a penguin have nonexistent items isn’t “seeing the future.” But it is pretty cool. 😀



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