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If you go surfing while walking your red puffle, it surfs with you! Here is a picture:



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To get to the Astro Barrier Expert Levels go to level 30 and finish it. A screen will come up telling you about turrets. Now wait 25 seconds until a blue ship appears. Shoot a little away from the turret and since the turret shoots at the same time you do, it will shoot the blue ship for you. That’s how you get to the expert levels!!!!!!!
If you don’t understand then look at the picture.


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This is a very popular glitch so I have made a post about it. Go to the swf page (I link to it, but anyway the address is <play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf>) and press “F11” before you log in. Now log in and click the white gap under the chat bar(you should walk under it). You are now nubbing!!!!!!!!

I will post a new glitch/hint/secret every month so come back and check monthly!

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