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——1 new glitch or secret or something like that——

-Slow motion

To do the slow motion glitch thingy go to any room where people are dancing or moving around a lot. Now press the – or = key over and over and you will slow down time! (Note: you can see this because if people are walking they slow down and if they are dancing they also slow down)

PS: useful for taking screenshots when you only have a split second to press the Prnt Scrn button.

——1 new glitch——

-Get the graphics stuck horrible (not too good on the visual part, but sorta funny)

Wait for someone to send you a mail asking you to be their buddy, or open the map or newspaper. Open it and press – or = before you reply. Now when you close it the graphics will be stuck bad! To reset it back to normal log off then back in, or wait for another buddy request and press – or = again, then reply, or open the map or newspaper, then press – or =.


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——3 new glitches——

–Invisible penguin

You only see your clothing in this glitch! (Note: You Must have a penguin name memorized on the list for this to work)

Log in normally except stop on the screen with the password box. Now click Forgot my Password below the Sign In button. For a second or two you will only see your clothing!

Here is what it looks like ūüėÜ -> untitled6.jpg

–Sit on the videogames (Note:this only works on Thin Ice.)

Go to the dance lounge, then stand just below Thin Ice. Click somewhere above on the wall. You should walk right up to stand near the arrow buttons! (Note: close the “Would you like to play?” window if it pops up)

If you don’t understand then¬†click the picture to enlarge¬†untitled8.jpg

Key: Red circles – click here
      Orange arrows Рdirection of movement

–Sit on the speaker

Click just below the speaker that leads to the Boiler Room. Now click above, on the wall. You should walk right up and stand on the speaker! 

——1 new secret/glitch or something¬†like that——

–Freeze time secret/glitch

I¬†don’t¬†really know if this is a glitch or a secret. When you get automatically logged off after doing nothing for more than 10 minutes, time freezes! If you are standing at the Snow Forts then get automattically logged off then¬† wait till the next day. The clock will still be at yesterday because TIME FROZE! ūüėÜ ūüėĮ

——1 new secret——

–Astro Barrier¬†EXPERT LEVELS! (yay I finally figured out how to get to them!)

Between levels 30 and 31 there is a screen that tells you about turrets. Wait for like 25 seconds (I think) until a blue ship appears¬†in front of the green target. DO NOT SHOOT THE TURRET but instead shoot a little bit away from it. Since the turret shoots at the same time you do, the turret will shoot the ship for you. That’s how you get to the expert levels!!!!!!


Key: Red dotted line: direction of your bullets
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Blue dotted line: direction of turret’s bullets
       (Note the position of your ship Рkeep it well away from the turret)


It is not complete yet, but still you should take a look.

(Note: I will make a new post every time I find a new glitch/hint/secret)¬†¬†¬† ūüėÄ

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A Club Penguin Glitches page has been posted! I will post any new glitches and after 2 weeks I will put the glitch in the Vault. Check back here approximately once every 2 months to see if I have discovered any new glitches.


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