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The Aqua-Grabber!

machine to save Rockhopper’s ship is here (at the Iceberg, that is)! Turns out the name “Aqua Grabber” won the poll (I personally wanted “Deep Sea Salvage” but oh well 😀 ). Here is a picture of the minigame (you will see that it is partially imcomplete but the parts I missed were unimportant; I have a lot of clones because I was too lazy to cut them out lol 😆 ; and it’s patchy because colors get darker as you get lower) PS: The rumored #2 buoy is hidden waaaay off to the right (on the surface).

Here’s a picture of the #2 buoy (the #4 is still to be found):

The Aqua Grabber reward (in addition to 250 coins):

Since Aqua Grabber is so huge, click here or the picture to see the whole thing: aquagrabber1.png



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The new pin, which is a rowboat to symbolize the capsizing of Rockhopper’s ship The Migrator, is in the Lighthouse above the stairs. Here is a picture:



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The new pin is a starfish in the mine. Here is a picture:


Pin Information

Pin: Starfish.
Location: The mine, on the wall.
Date Released: May 25
Next Pin: Unknown, to be released June 8.

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Map Found!

To find the map to the forest, go to the Mountain. Wait a few seconds and a map should float down and get stuck on the signpost. Click it and it will fly down to the Ski Village. Go to the Ski Village. It will float down and get stuck in the ski lift thingy. Click it when it passes around. It will now fly off to the right towards to the Dock. Go to the Dock, and it will fly off towards the Town. Go to the Town, and it will get stuck on one of the light bulbs. Click it and it will float over towards the Snow Forts. Now go over to the Snow Forts and it will fly over and land in between the “legs” of the Clock. Now just follow the map and you will get to the forest.

Here is what it looks like:


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The new pin is a tulip (flower) in the Sport Shop, on the desk. Look at the picture if you don’t understand.


Pin Information:
Pin: Tulip.
Location: In the Sports shop on the desk.
Next Pin: Unknown, to be released May 25.

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——1 new glitch or secret or something like that——

-Slow motion

To do the slow motion glitch thingy go to any room where people are dancing or moving around a lot. Now press the – or = key over and over and you will slow down time! (Note: you can see this because if people are walking they slow down and if they are dancing they also slow down)

PS: useful for taking screenshots when you only have a split second to press the Prnt Scrn button.

——1 new glitch——

-Get the graphics stuck horrible (not too good on the visual part, but sorta funny)

Wait for someone to send you a mail asking you to be their buddy, or open the map or newspaper. Open it and press – or = before you reply. Now when you close it the graphics will be stuck bad! To reset it back to normal log off then back in, or wait for another buddy request and press – or = again, then reply, or open the map or newspaper, then press – or =.

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Inside the big rectangle with the kimono, click the leaf thing in the upper right corner to reveal the Red Viking Helmet (.

For the Blue Viking helmet open it up three times then on the 4th time the blue helmet pops up (as always).

Click the 3-D glasses for the blue cape.



Click the word “Throne” in Princess Throne (page 7) to reveal the Royal Throne (750 coins).

Click the word “LCD” in LCD Television (page 20) to reveal the Big-Screen Television (5000 coins).

Click the logs on the Fireplace (page 26) and they will light.



Click all of the words “snow” in the catalog (in the sentence that says “Tired of the cold hard snow floors?” on page 2; “Split Level Snow Igloo” and “Plenty of room for all your furniture needs, in this multi-level snow igloo” on page 3; “Deluxe Snow Igloo” on page 12; and “Snow Igloo” and “Each snow igloo is hand-crafted just for you” on page 13) then go to page 9 and click the window and you will get to the Snow Globe Igloo!

Click the window on the Log Cabin (in Clearance) to reveal the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo (5000 coins).

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