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The Aqua-Grabber!

machine to save Rockhopper’s ship is here (at the Iceberg, that is)! Turns out the name “Aqua Grabber” won the poll (I personally wanted “Deep Sea Salvage” but oh well 😀 ). Here is a picture of the minigame (you will see that it is partially imcomplete but the parts I missed were unimportant; I have a lot of clones because I was too lazy to cut them out lol 😆 ; and it’s patchy because colors get darker as you get lower) PS: The rumored #2 buoy is hidden waaaay off to the right (on the surface).

Here’s a picture of the #2 buoy (the #4 is still to be found):

The Aqua Grabber reward (in addition to 250 coins):

Since Aqua Grabber is so huge, click here or the picture to see the whole thing: aquagrabber1.png


Save The Migrator Party!

The Save The Migrator Party is here! There have been many changes to the rooms (my favorite is the Nightclub). There are also two free items (there is usually only one). Here are some pictures (sorry I’m late):

The flooded Nightclub (lol 😆 )


The Beacon looks pretty cool—


And the free items—

The pin, which is an anchor:





There is a new play at the stage! I don’t know what it’s about, but I’m guessing High School Musical. There are some secrets in it too (Yeah, I don’t even know what the play is about but I found some secrets 😆 ) Here are some pictures:


And the Switchbox 3000:



Save The Migrator Project

The “Save The Migrator” project is starting! Hopefully this will be pretty good and there will be some nice rewards. Here are some of my ideas of how CP will do this:

—You need to go out in a rowboat from the Dock to the site of the sinking, retrieve the pieces of the ship, then return to the Iceberg and piece them together, using G’s manual for boat-builders.
—A huge wave (or tsunami) has unexpectedly scattered the pieces of Rockhopper’s ship all over Club Penguin, and you need to find all the pieces, then piece them together.
—Rockhopper has turned out to be quite prepared, and has hidden a chest with replacement parts to his ship somewhere on Club Penguin. You need to find it with the map that G has discovered, then put together the pieces with G’s boat-building manual.

Also there is some commotion at the Beach, but there is more at the Iceberg. This is where G has set as the launch location of his strange apparatus, currently in development, to salvage what remains of The Migrator. There is a free mining helmet available at the Iceberg.

PS: I am very unhappy about the mining helmet at the Iceberg, because what sets a new penguin apart from a veteran penguin is the sheer amount of items (that a veteran penguin has more of) that have disappeared and will never come back, be they free or limited edition catalog items. This is now the THIRD time the mining helmet has been given out (one when the Underground first came out, another when the Pool in the Cave was leaking, and now). Many other items have also been repeated, even if they are a different color (like the Santa Hat, Propeller Cap, Water Wings, Duck Inflatable, and many more).

Well, that’s it! I would like to hear your ideas, suggestions, and improvements! Thanks.


New Pin: Released February 1

The new pin, which is a rowboat to symbolize the capsizing of Rockhopper’s ship The Migrator, is in the Lighthouse above the stairs. Here is a picture:




I know it’s not a great accomplishment to see Rockhopper these days anymore, but it is for me 😀 . This is because I’ve only seen him once before, when he gave out eyepatches. I already had the eyepatch from the very first time he sailed to Club Penguin, so all that I really got out of it was a screenshot 😦 . Now I have a screenshot and a cool background.


PS: The mob close to the Lighthouse was where he used to be (everyone started crowding around him the second he appeared, as if it were a scheduled event 😆 ). He moved farther down though, and that is my screenshot 🙂

PS #2: The reason I am dressed that way in the picture is because I change my outfits according to the occasion (also see the new pin post for Feb. 1; I have the pirate stuff on to go with my background).